Looking Younger and More Refreshed Does Not Require Surgery Anymore

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Looking Younger and More Refreshed Does Not Require Surgery Anymore

October 07
19:18 2021

Canadians both women and men seek to look youthful and as refreshed as possible for as long as they can.  Unfortunately, many do turn to surgeries to accomplish this end when it may not be needed.  Cosmetic Surgery, even simple lip fillers carry risks as hitting an artery with a filler can cause enormous medical issues.  SAMBROW of Richmond Hill, can rejuvenate an individual’s looks via their eyebrow artistry, permanent eyeliner, and lip colour defining without the use of any invasive procedures. 

Founded by the artistic aesthetician, Sam Liang, who has been performing his artistic visions on eyebrows, eyes, and lips for twenty-eight years now, uses a centuries-old tradition of beauty enjoyed by Japanese women as his inspiration.  He brings this inspiration to Canadians and offers services to men now 

Perfectly crafted, natural-looking eyebrows can enhance the appearance of any individual and impart a more youthful, lifted look to the entire face.  Each eyebrow hair is embroidered on, with meticulous attention to the definition of every face.  It is non-invasive, and the results are immediately astonishing.  The focus on the best-looking brows is trending now, and both men and women seek to enhance sparse brows or reduce overly bushy ones. 

In addition to sculpting the perfect eyebrow, SAMBROW also offers permanent upper and lower lid eyeliner which saves an immense amount of time each day.  This does not wash off, and a client’s eyes stand out afterward.  As everyone knows, the eyes are the soul of each human, and Sam Liang understands this.

The perfect pout and colour of lips also can make a dramatic change in appearance.  Lipsticks wear off and must be applied throughout each day.  Lip fillers, as stated before can be dangerous.  Lip defining is the answer, as both colour can be permanently applied, as can lip lining, enhancing the pout and sumptuous color of anyone’s lips.  Clients can pick a dramatic look such as many Japanese women prefer, or natural lip color.  In any case, the effects perform a ‘wow’ factor to the appearance. 

A consultation will occur before any applications to answer questions and determine the look that will match each client, whether eyebrows, eyes, or lips.  The greatest interest now, of course, is on eyebrows as most celebrities are appearing with perfect brows, and the way the brows accentuate the face cannot be denied. 

SAMBROW stands ready to assist as the New Year rolls around to ensure everyone can look as well-groomed and attractive as possible when starting the New Year.  In the capable hands of Sam Liang and his team, beauty and a youthful appearance are ready to achieve a masterpiece for each client.


With the main office in Richmond Hill, SAMBROW is expanding into other locations to ensure all Canadians can take advantage of their service.  The founder and director, Sam Liang, who started his career in aesthetic artistry at the age of 18 is in business 28 years now.  There is a BOOK NOW form on the site, a phone, and an email for contact.  Extended hours exist for convenience of clients. 

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