Indoor Water Fountains Cleaning Ideas by Midwest Tropical

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Indoor Water Fountains Cleaning Ideas by Midwest Tropical

October 06
19:36 2021

If with the arrival of good weather, people have decided to install a tropical fountain in your home. At Midwest Tropical, we now give you a series of tips to clean indoor water fountains according to the material they are made of. In this way, the tropical fountain will no more be in poor condition, and people will make it last for several years.

People have to know, first of all, that indoor water fountains need a deep cleaning about once a month, as they fill with leaves, dust, even small insects.

At Midwest Tropical, people need to mention that depending on the material the indoor water fountains are made, people will have to use one cleaning method or another. People invite people to see our indoor water fountains for garden decoration in our online store.

Indoor water fountains at Midwest Tropical

People offer you a wide range of tropical fountains in artificial stone. One of the main and most liked materials for tropical fountains is natural stone. It is important that when choosing the product to clean these garden fountains, it is not damaging its color or changing its texture or shine.

If the dirt is not too much or very encrusted, we can clean the stone with soap and water with a neutral pH. Another option is to do it with water and a few drops of ammonia or bleach, although bleach contains acids and is a bit more damaging to stone. Of course, never mix bleach and ammonia!

This cleaning method is ideal if the stain is from mold, leaves, or food. The usual thing is to clean using a soft cloth or sponge so as not to damage the stone of the fountain. It is then rinsed and dried with a cloth.

If the tropical fountains have any rust stains, it is best to clean them by mixing salt and lemon juice. This mixture should not be left for long as the acid in the lemon can make the stone lose its shine.

On the contrary, if our fountain is stained with paint or ink, the matter becomes a little more complicated. In this case, it would be necessary to use paint strippers or solvents. These substances are very aggressive, so they must be used with great care.

If the tropical fountain is made is copper, or you have a piece that includes this material, the most useful thing is to clean it by rubbing it with an onion cut in half or with half a lemon dipped in salt. The area to be cleaned is rubbed with a soft cloth, and that’s it. If the fountain is made of copper with a special finish, we can polish it with a soft cloth to prevent the surface from being damaged.

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