New Slumber Shot Gummy Joins Seattle Gummy Company’s Line Up of Scientifically Advanced Health Gummies

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New Slumber Shot Gummy Joins Seattle Gummy Company’s Line Up of Scientifically Advanced Health Gummies

October 06
13:34 2021

Seattle Gummy Company is excited to help its customers sleep better with their new, herbal-infused gummy, the Slumber Shot.

About 70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These range from trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and having poor quality of sleep. In addition to the negative impact on people’s health overall, treating sleep problems can be problematic. Many sleep medications are only effective short term and can become addictive.

Seattle Gummy Company has developed a new sleep gummy call the Slumber Shot. Slumber Shots showcase how herbal medicine works synergistically with modern science. By using herbs and natural supplements like melatonin, the Slumber Shot not only helps people fall asleep faster, but stay asleep, and sleep more deeply. This means waking up refreshed in the morning, with no side effects like grogginess.

Seattle Gummy Company turned to the traditional Western sleep aid, valerian root. Valerian root reduces anxiety and supports sleep. Valerian root contains compounds that help calm the brain, making it great for people whose thoughts race when they’re trying to sleep. Valerian root works synergistically with melatonin to allow people to fall asleep fast, sleep deeper, and have a healthier sleep cycle overall.

Jujube seed is the next critical ingredient in the Seattle Gummy Slumber Shot. Jujube seed is a Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine that is often prescribed to reduce anxiety, calm the nerves, and improve sleep quality. By combining these two classic sleep-aiding herbs with melatonin, the Slumber Shot not only makes people fall asleep faster but also improves the quality and efficacy of sleep without all the side effects of sleep medicine.

This sugar free gummy was designed to be taken right before bed. Seattle Gummy knows how important a good night’s sleep is to performing well at life the next day. You have a lot of demands on your time and energy, and want to perform your best, whether it’s at the office or in the gym. Set yourself up for success by taking a Slumber Shot and giving yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep.

About the Company:

Seattle Gummy Company is a science-based and performance-driven company that takes immense pride in providing a range of innovative chewable gummy formulations. These gummies were developed by their in-house Ph.D. research scientists who have designed their gummies to give the best health benefits at an affordable price. Their wide selection of products, each made with premium, high-quality ingredients, are vegan, non-GMO, all-natural, and made in the USA. They combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest science to ensure all products provide the maximum results for every customer. 

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