Telebites Virtual Pediatric Feeding Therapy Now Offers Expanded Home Health Services in California

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Telebites Virtual Pediatric Feeding Therapy Now Offers Expanded Home Health Services in California

October 05
22:45 2021

Telebites Virtual Pediatric Feeding Therapy Now Offers Expanded Home Health Services in California.

Telebites Pediatric Feeding Therapy Telehealth

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TeleBites Virtual Pediatric Feeding Center and Brianne Isreal are pleased to announce that Telebites is expanding their program’s reach to include home health services for California. The service area includes San Fransisco, Los Angeles, San Deigo and other parts of California. The use of Telehealth features has expanded the service area for families with children who need a licensed and qualified feeding specialist. 

Youngsters may have problems with feeding and swallowing for various reasons. Many times, a picky eater is suffering from another condition that can make feeding time difficult.  Some of these include dietary sensitivity and allergies, ARFID, aspiration, cleft lip and palate, dysphagia, laryngomalacia, poor bottle feeding, gagging, or vomiting during meals, coughing and choking, food refusals, difficulty tolerating new or advanced diet textures, oral motor deficits, sensory-based feeding disorders, and tube feeding dependency.

The mission of the Feeding Center is to offer services for children and their families who don’t have the necessary resources locally by putting families together with feeding specialists who are qualified in their field. Telebites is headquartered in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and by employing Teletherapy feeding services, the center can provide services for an expanded number of clients and families around the country. The trained and experienced therapists can empower parents to support their youngsters in having an enjoyable and safe feeding experience.

Teletherapy is a virtual protocol for providing therapeutic intervention which uses a combination of coaching of the parents and other interventions as required to treat any of the feeding conditions. The secure sessions are educational to parents without placing the youngster in a stressful situation, thus making the feeding challenges more difficult. Using the Telehealth approach allows the parents and youngster to interact with the therapist safely from the home setting. The use of Teletherapy reduces the cost of travel and related expenses. 

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About the Company

TeleBites Virtual Pediatric Feeding Center, LLC provides services for under-served and rural communities that need professional therapy services.  Founded by a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and feeding specialist with a passion for empowering parents to support their children in having a safe and enjoyable feeding experience.  Since the sessions are based online, Telebites can serve a large client base across the US.  The therapy sessions are secure using a HIPPA-compliant platform and are handled discretely.

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Media Contact
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