The Solution-Based Team at Blue Haven Pools – Australia Works With Clients To Build An Ideal Vision Of Life

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The Solution-Based Team at Blue Haven Pools – Australia Works With Clients To Build An Ideal Vision Of Life

July 23
15:00 2021

Rising temperatures and a stay-at-home lifestyle are two of the main drivers for those who want to enjoy the undoubted pleasures of owning a pool in New South Wales, Australia. For many, the simple joy of spending time with family and friends, perhaps also throwing a barbecue into the mix are only some of the reasons to own a pool. For most, the idea of enjoying a pool will factor into the purchase of a home – but many have a specific vision of their ideal pool – and will purchase a property to bring this dream to reality. The experts at Blue Haven Pools – Australia provide some insight into the six considerations that need to be taken into account when purchasing a property that is suitable for building that dream pool – and these factors need to be considered after the homeowner has decided what type of pool they require – above ground, concrete, fibreglass, tiles, as well as the shape of that valuable property asset.

1. Access.

The first consideration that needs to be taken into account is especially important when considering a sunken pool – and this is just how the machinery required for the excavation is going to access the property. If the access is problematic then that is going to add significantly to the cost of the excavation. The homeowner also needs to familiarise themselves with the regulations governing the use of heavy machinery in their area. A professional pool installer/builder can help to answer these questions.

2. ‘Built Upon Area’

The local council may have special conditions that need to be met, especially where the properties are by and large hardscaped. This may require the replacement of that hardscaping with greenery. It is essential that these restrictions and conditions be investigated and permission obtained for the installation of a pool.

3. Mapping Out Underground Services.

Installing a pool is not simply a matter of excavation. That excavation can only take place once the location of all relevant service lines including sewage and water is known. A map of sewage lines is essential and the positioning of those lines needs to be pegged out in most instances. Diagrams drawn up need to reflect not only position – but also depth. Also, take into account distance from manhole covers as there are regulations governing how close any pool installation can be to these essential access points.

4. Soil Analysis.

The type of soil that needs to be removed will play a big part in the cost of installing the pool. Rocky conditions – especially where there are large boulders involved will add to the costs significantly as these are charged at an additional cost per cubic metre for removal. Homeowners are strongly advised to commission a Geotech report which will reveal if there are natural obstacles buried underground. This will add to the costs of installing the pool. Homeowners should also ask their estate agent if such a report is available prior to purchase.

5. Sloping or Flat?

A level piece of land will represent the best surface in terms of the cost of preparation for the installation of the pool. If the land slopes levelling can add to those costs. However – a professional pool designer will take into account the slope and can design a pool or recommend a certain type of material (avoiding materials such as fibreglass that can be expensive due to retraining constraints) that actually makes use of the changing level of that area in order to design an attractive pool. 

6. Fibreglass Pools and Crane Lifts.

Fibreglass pools remain extremely popular – but there are costs that should be borne in mind – as well as logistical limitations. The cranes that are used to hoist the pool into place require clearance. Limitations such as powerlines can be problematic. Traffic flow should also be taken into account as the installation process can be disruptive. 

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The key to bringing that vision of the perfect pool to reality is to partner with an experienced and professional pool designer and installer. The acre taken in selecting this partner will pay dividends in the long run as well as reducing costs streamlining and the installation itself.

Blue Haven Pools – Australia has been serving homeowners in New South Wales for nearly 50 years. Its headquarters on Hume Highway, Lansvale NSW features 10,000 square metres of space (the largest in the Southern Hemisphere) where customers can view 50 models of mini pools and spas. For the last 20 years Blue Haven Pools – Australia has sold an average of 100 pools per month, a testament to their tried and trusted reputation for providing expert advice and giving customers what they want quickly and efficiently – a process made even easier due to the company’s commitment to providing an online sales platform to complement their bricks and mortar showroom.

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