$50 to 7 Figures in one year: How a young immigrant bootstrapped Miami’s disruptive tech startup The Business Toolkit

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$50 to 7 Figures in one year: How a young immigrant bootstrapped Miami’s disruptive tech startup The Business Toolkit

July 20
20:00 2021
Stefan Jugmohan is inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs

 (In Frame: Stefan Jugmohan)

“You don’t necessarily need to have an Ivy League education or to have millions of dollars startup money. It can be done with an idea, hard work, and determination.” – Bill Ranic

These are the qualities that define Stefan Jugmohan. From migrating to the US as an international student to building one of America’s fastest-growing branding agencies, The Business Toolkit, he is a man who embodies everything about the “American Dream.”

Stefan is a creative mastermind who has earned himself the title of one of today’s best branding minds. He is heralded by some as “the next-level innovator” in his field, and he continues to draw praise for tackling business problems with creative solutions. 

We are talking about a new-age visionary and innovative strategist who lives by the motto “adapt or die.” He lives to motivate and drive innovation, all to deliver incredible business success. When push comes to shove, there’s no one better than him when coming up with innovative tactics or putting processes into place that make expectations seem like they’re from another world altogether! “Anything short of perfection is unacceptable,” he says.

From humble beginnings

Stefan’s journey is one of a kind. He was born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, which he called home for most of his early years. There, he fostered a relentless work ethic that has served him well throughout his career. His tenacious, single-minded vision from an early age is the key to how he was able to achieve such incredible success so quickly.

Stefan’s drive and philanthropic mindset were evident even as a youngster. He always had a desire to help the less fortunate, thus leading him to start one of the biggest charitable foundations in Trinidad and Tobago not long after finishing high school. With over 5,000 volunteers, the 141 Foundations (One smile for One Person) has been able to provide support for the homeless as well as underprivileged children through its sponsorship program, which includes fortune 500 corporate partners.

“It was my vision to coalesce youths and young adults to provide an unremitting aid to society’s less fortunate, which translates well into an organization where persons from any generation are invited to contribute to our objective.” say’s Stefan.

Mr. Jugmohan continues by pointing out that “The acerbic sight of negligence and disregard for humans we consider brothers and sisters propelled me to cease waiting for someone else to do something, and so I inaugurated the 141 Foundations, one smile for one homeless.”

Stefan achieved international acclaim for his work with the foundations, and in a few short years, he moved to the USA. “I came to the United States as an international student. Here, I went to a Bible institute for two years and then Barry University for my Bachelor’s degree. 

This move would be his first step in an incredible journey, bringing him to the limelight. 

The start of something new

College is no walk in the park. It is a test of endurance that gets progressively harder with each passing academic year. There are those in college who want nothing more than to push themselves beyond the limit and succeed. Others simply take on too much and collapse under the pressure. For Stefan, this was an opportunity to move a step closer towards the future he envisioned for himself – and he wasn’t going to give anything but his best.

At long last, with his Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Stefan checked one more box on the list of life achievements he desired. And he did it in style.

“I was the only student in the Andreas School of Business to graduate with honors (May 2020/ Spring 2020).”

The Business Toolkit: From $50 to 7 figures

Stefan had always been a bit of an entrepreneur, and when he was in college working on his degree to become the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk (heck, someone who could change the world), it never occurred to him that what mattered most wasn’t so much about how big your idea was but more importantly whether you were able to make money from it. 

That’s why Stefan spent months trying different theories with minimal operational cost while maintaining a high probability for success. To maximize the success of this endeavor, Stefan looked to minimize costs while maximizing revenue so it could be as profitable as possible.

“I bootstrapped, and pilot tested my business ideas in my dorm room during freshman year. I wanted to figure out how to achieve passive income while in school with the least amount of overheads or operational cost at the highest probability of making the highest income. I never started a business before, and being an immigrant, I lacked many opportunities such as getting funding, advice, or direction.”

It would lead him down many dead-ends before finally stumbling into one where this passive income can now allow him to live comfortably by generating enough residual income as he pursues other passions. This marked the birth of “The Business Toolkit.”

“I call it, The Business Toolkit, because we provide all the tools you need to be successful – we transform companies”

With $50, zero debt, and an idea, Stefan set out to do what everyone around him thought was impossible.

“Instead of spending my money on partying as a regular student would – I invested my small savings capital into Facebook ads which I used to grow my company’s brand and recognition. Soon, it was converting based on the power of first-class service and high-quality results.”

Stefan had been working relentlessly on building his company, but he still found time to find true love. On the 15th of June 2020, The Business Toolkit was officially launched in the United States with his wife by his side as they embarked on this new chapter together.

“I got married and I launched in the United States on June 15 2020. I also launched a fair pricing policy in the company to provide the highest quality results at the most astounding prices so we can give startups the fighting chance to compete with the big boys.”

In the wake of his recent success, many are wondering how he was able to do it so quickly. The answer is simple :

His firm’s success came during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. When companies were closing and revenue was drying up, Stefan realized that “mom and pop” stores could not perform a digital transition needed to stay relevant. From social media marketing to logo designs to websites, etc., they were lagging.

The Business Toolkit became the go-to resource for businesses, helping them through all aspects of branding from A to Z. With the collapse of brick and mortar businesses across the United States due to a shift in consumer habits towards online shopping for goods, as well as services, they were quickly becoming one of only a few companies providing any sort of support at all. 

Every company needed to adapt quickly or risk losing their business altogether; The Business Toolkit was there with reliable resources at every turn as companies transitioned seamlessly into a new normal that exclusively focused on digital interactions.

Within six short months since inception, the venture had already made it to the coveted six-figure milestone and just shy of seven figures on tap for their first anniversary as an official LLC.

The maverick entrepreneur tells us what he thinks about such an outstanding feat:

“I consider the company’s strength based on first-class customer service. Our customer base is around 5100 business owners and counting every month.”

Indeed Stefan has proven that with the right mindset and skill, no mountain is too high to climb. He took a bold step when he launched his business; there were many unknowns. As he progressed through stages of growing his company, Stefan defied odds by utilizing an innovative outlook on life and having skills that helped him grow past obstacles like never before.

For more Information, please visit: https://thebusinesstoolkit.com

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