Author Joe Antony Sebastin’s Latest Novel “Seed of Fury: Zolia’s Revenge” is a Bundle of Suspense, Tragedy, Revenge and Adventure

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Author Joe Antony Sebastin’s Latest Novel “Seed of Fury: Zolia’s Revenge” is a Bundle of Suspense, Tragedy, Revenge and Adventure

July 20
10:32 2021
This novel about the most crucial Roman history, takes you on an emotional roller coaster journey that keeps you hooked till the very end of the story. The mesmerizing saga is a reflection of author’s vivid imagination and abundant creativity.

New York, USA – Can we stop abuse? Joe Antony Sebastin, author of the novel Seeds of Fury: Zolia’s Revenge, says “Yes, we can. One way is to see it through the eyes of a fictional character – a victimized but very strong character that we have learned to love.” The book hit the shelves in May 2021.


Seed of Fury shows the lessons one can learn from abuse of humanity and its fallout and has a strong underlying message – suffering anywhere ultimately hurts us all. We can only end abuse and its fallout through the realizations that we are all humans on Earth and the things that separate us are nothing more than invisible walls.

The book Zolia’s Revenge takes a close look at the corrupt rulers of the early Roman Empire, especially during the actual historical event known as “The Abuse of the Sabine Women.”

This powerful story about the suffering of women later became one of the greatest subjects of the Renaissance. Today, Zolia’s Revenge explains what that event was really like for those who lived through it.

Dedicating this masterpiece work to his readers, Joe said, “Following the success of my previous novel, the outpouring of love and appreciation I have received is phenomenal and surreal. Writing is my life and I put my heart and soul in every story I create. I think the book lovers and specially those who are fond of fiction are really going to enjoy reading this novel.”

The novel has been receiving rave reviews from readers across the world.

“It is one of those rare books that stays with you much longer after you finish reading them. As I finished reading, I kept on looking for more. Thank you, author, for this masterpiece!” says Dr. Eve A. Kheir.

“Brilliant story and well composed. I was intrigued by all aspects of novel. A highly recommended book for avid fictional readers.” remarked another reader.

“This story, though set in the midst of an actual historical event, is fiction. But it is my hope that, through the lens of fiction, we can lift our spirits and create a better world for our fellow humans,” says Joe. “Even if you feel it’s good story and nothing else, I pray that the light of the sisters in this novel, Ronica and Zolia, will live on within you.”


About the Author

Joe Antony Sebastin is a renowned author who loves writing fiction. He is a technocrat by profession. He is passionate about writing and has the ability to weave magic with his words and imagination that can touch the depths of one’s soul. He has penned the first-ever fictional technical book “Let’s Learn Palo Alto NGFW” which turned out to be a best seller. 

Seed of Fury is available for purchase on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble.

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