Carolynn Tucciarone Releases Four Book Titles on Dog Rescue in her “Spot On” Book Series

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Carolynn Tucciarone Releases Four Book Titles on Dog Rescue in her “Spot On” Book Series

July 16
18:54 2021
In the “Spot On” book series, author Carolynn Tucciarone takes readers on an amazing journey into the world of dogs and rescue

Carolynn Tucciarone is a dog lover and is seen in her dedication to publishing four new book titles on dogs. Her book series is called Spot On, and each of the four dog stories in the series was inspired by her journey to China during the pandemic. Carolynn aims to inspire readers of all ages, and the “Spot On” series is not for kids alone.

The four titles from the prolific children’s book author are:

1. Spot On: Mystery at the Dog Rescue:

The first book on the Spot On series by Carolynn Tucciarone begins with how Lynn wakes up to find out her rescue dogs are missing. Terrified, Lynn wondered why her dogs were stolen and for what purpose. After a man was found shot to death at Lynn’s shelter, it became apparent that her furry friends were stolen to send to China to take part in dogfights.

Carolynn writes about how Lynn and her friends began investigations that took them to New York City’s Chinatown, where they must stand up to the Chinese mob and potentially solve a murder case. Get “Spot On: Mystery at the Dog Rescue” on Amazon via

2. Spot On: Chaos at the Dog Rescue:

In the second book on the Spot On series, Lynn is on vacation in Mexico, where she’s hoping to swim and water ski; instead, she is confronted by an unexpected intrigue. A mystery causes chaos at the dog rescue, and a scandal evolves. Lynn is once again on the case as she rescues some skinny and dehydrated dogs from Mexico. She plans to save them, and she won’t be stopped in her heartfelt mission.

Get “Spot On: Chaos at the Dog Rescue” on Amazon via

3. Spot On: Canine Babies at the Dog Rescue:

The third book on this dog rescue series sees Lynn and Maryanne carry out their investigations as the case becomes increasingly personal. Long-submerged secrets surface, and Lynn teams up with the cops to solve the puzzle before a cunning killer claims another victim.

Enjoy the thrill as Lynn uncovers kidnapping and murder cases. Visit to get the book.

4. Spot On: Canines on Cruise:

“Spot-on: Canines on a Cruise” is a remarkable novel written by Carolynn Tucciarone, which portrays the amazing life of a loving couple that owns a dog rescue in Austin, Texas. From rescuing bull terriers from a ditch to nurturing all injured and abandoned dogs, the couple takes on another challenge: saving abandoned fur babies in South Korea.

Step inside their shoes and take part in their adventure-filled journey in “Spot-on: Canines on a Cruise,” visit

Each book on the Spot On series by Carolynn Tucciarone is designed for all ages to read, enjoy, and learn. The book series is available on in paperback, hardcover, Kindle, and Audible.

About Carolynn Tucciarone

Carolynn Tucciarone is an avid reader and well-published children’s book author. She undertook the Spot On series during the pandemic lockdown. She wanted to contribute to the reading world with the help of the experiences gained through volunteering at a rescue and subsequent travel to China.

Visit Carolynn’s Amazon author’s page at for more information.

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