Spiritual Counselor Goddess Dorthea Releases New Music with Soul-Healing Lyrics and Positive Affirmations

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Spiritual Counselor Goddess Dorthea Releases New Music with Soul-Healing Lyrics and Positive Affirmations

July 15
18:34 2021

Reverend Miss Dorthea Enrique (also known as Goddess Dorthea) is a spiritual counselor, published author, and spiritually inclined musician who uses her music and holistic healing art as a form of therapy to heal the mind, body and soul. Her music has served as therapy for women that seek to heal and manifest their best lives. 

According to the published projects that have been released by Goddess Dorthea, the artist releases new projects each month for her “Modern Soulful Tribe” of fans who love her modern soulful style of beautiful lyrics she pens. Her soul mate clients and soul mentees can obtain each new music album release through her Bandcamp subscription or any major music streaming platform. 

Originally from Detroit, Goddess Dorthea transplanted herself in Los Angeles to carve a niche for herself through her spiritual positively-charged affirming lyrics, soul healing music and soothing vocals. She is also an award-winning author. Goddess Dorthea is driven by a passion for inspiring others and contributing to women’s empowerment. A multi-faceted personality, Dorthea is also a Holistic Therapist, Spiritual Counselor, and an ordained Interfaith Minister. 

Since 2018, Goddess Dorthea has successfully been practicing holistic therapy. She released her debut EP, “Modern Soul Sister,” in 2020. It was a well-received work of music that elaborated on self-love, healing, and spiritual self-reflection. According to sources, Dorthea endeavors to inspire women to get in close communion with their cosmic feminine energy, discover their true inner selves and live their lives in an elevated manner as befits their divine being. 

Goddess Dorthea created Modern Soulful Living as a lifestyle brand and interfaith church to inspire and empower the lives of women. She helps women align their lives to the laws of nature and divine will so that these lives can manifest and flower to their full potential. Her music fulfills therapeutic and spiritual purposes. Not many therapists include spirituality as a tool to help people. However, Goddess Dorthea has successfully incorporated spirituality to promote mind-body wellness in women, especially those aged 18 years – 50 years. 

Goddess Dorthea recently came out with a fantastic new studio effort: Soul Full of Sunshine. This project is fresh and spontaneous, highlighting the artist’s personality and her ability to constantly explore new ideas. The first thing you’ll notice is certainly the high quality of this production, in terms of sonic aesthetics. Her voice is soothing and spontaneous, showcasing a strong passion for vocal hooks that are catchy, but also loaded with meaning and integrity. This is music that creates a stronger bond with the audience, and it is so much more than plain entertainment! Find out more about Goddess Dorthea, and do not miss out on her new music. The release is going to be available on some of the best digital music streaming services on the web.

You can listen to all her music and learn more about her here: https://missdortheaenrique.org/music-meditation-albums/

Bandcamp: https://goddessdorthea.bandcamp.com

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dortheaenriquemusic

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCorzuzMbn9DMxEf8QCwdmTw

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/78GcaLdGadGVE7Gdx7Unvm?si=VzuOchANT8-EYYevLlkTPw&dl_branch=1

Goddess Dorthea Enrique said, “I create affirmation music because I love the way it feels when I sing. I believe music is therapy for the soul, and the more intentional we are with using it, the better the world will become. Using art, literature, and music as a part of my spiritual practice, I’ve turned them into tools to use as a form of ministry. 

“I experienced most of the spiritual lessons I teach and sing about, and I believe I am here to help coach others through their storms, too. I believe we are all our own best inner counselors and coaches; sometimes, we need help to get us started. My lessons are now blessings for others.

“I intend to create a worldwide impact with my music by inspiring millions to heal and manifest their best lives using the art, literature, and music I created as a form of soul therapy. I want all of my soulful fans to look in the mirror and remember they deserve to heal, experience real love and have the careers of their dreams simply because they were divinely made to be loved by a Divine Creator and the entire Universe will conspire in their favor according to their purpose. Music is my ministry. Love is my religion. I want to leave a legacy that makes future generations proud. I desire to create music that will allow my soul mate clients & soulful fans to heal, manifest, and fall in love with to enjoy forever.”

About the Artist:

Goddess Dorthea releases sound healing music that fosters peace and mindfulness. The songs that accentuate positive affirmations are a form of personalized music therapy. It also runs a soul healing coaching program. Through e-books, meditations, music and podcasts, fans can receive insight and guidance on their life purpose, spirituality, careers, relationships, moon rituals etc.

Media Contact
Company Name: Modern Soulful Living – Sacred Sanctuary
Contact Person: Goddess Dorthea
Email: Send Email
Phone: (313) 444-6037
City: Los Angeles – Venice
State: CA, 90291
Country: United States
Website: https://goddessdorthea.bandcamp.com/modern-soul-tribe

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