Six ways to show the importance of both design and testing in prototypes

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Six ways to show the importance of both design and testing in prototypes

July 14
20:16 2021

What is Functional Testing to PCB Assembly3

Prototyping is playing a key role in the process of electronics production via designing, engineering and testing.

It is essential for OEM prototype getting know if the design is ready to go forward into manufacturing process. Normally, a few situations is not necessarily for small amount of orders or simple design. but most cases have proven that prototype has brought several negative effects for proceeding massive production.

There are six ways link design and testing as shown below:

1. Risk Avoidance

Assuming that customers don’t prototype, they might face various issues including:

  • Purchasing all parts but discover that they are not appropriate when they are together.
  • Manufacturing a challenging design may harm the end users.
  • Designing a product that it does not work in the market as might not meet the specification
  • Large number of components for appointed products that unable to use.
  • All of above these situations will extend clients lead time and increase production cost.

2. Evidence of concept is necessary

No matter how perfect you think about your concept of design, you are still not totally confident what you’re expecting and will really come true. Therefore, a lot of new and creative designs need to see the outcome of reality in the market if all the parts work.

3. Ensure the design of product is exactly you wanted

It’s generally accepted that you might need a design to meet your specifications. PCB prototype assembly services indicate that the contract engineering team did exactly right which you required.

What is Functional Testing to PCB Assembly4

4. Prototyping is important for for proceeding the production

As you know, you will meet a lot of difficulties with barriers of regulatory for many products. Prototyping is the first stage to pass all barriers and go forward on the stage of testing. Prototype is just single stage to obtain an actual detection. It doesn’t mean the product will definitely work in the market. Although there are still other detection determine to proceed, prototype is still an significant stage through clearing your designated products with the FCC and UL and so on.

In addition, you might face a lot of issues on the process of design such as CAD software. For instance, the batter life of the products is not you’re looking for. However, at the prototype stage, you have sufficient time to go back and solve problems.

5. Dealing with issues of design for manufacturing

To proceed the production is based on the perfect concept of design. However, prototyping provides the manufacturing department for ensuring that everything is perfect and won’t stop manufacture process.

6. Software needs a prototype

Technically, software for electronic boards could be started using evaluation boards. As you know, PCB prototypes are essential to finish the software and test all the special electronica hardware which you designed on the electronic boards

At Fumax, when design is completed, Fumax team will build working samples for customer verification.

For bare PCB, the quickest lead time can be just 24 hours.

For PCB assembly, the component lead time is 3- 6 days, we just need 1 day for assembly. Total lead time will be around 1 week.

When the sample are completed, it is also important to get the international certificates such as: CE, EMC, FCC, UL, CUL, CCC, ROHS, REACH…etc.

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