Entrepreneur Champagne Cam Shares How He Earned $2m From Real Estate Without Owning Property

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Entrepreneur Champagne Cam Shares How He Earned $2m From Real Estate Without Owning Property

July 14
18:38 2021
Entrepreneur Champagne Cam Shares How He Earned $2m From Real Estate Without Owning Property

Cameron Thompson, otherwise known as Champagne Cam, is excited to share his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur and being able to live a life of luxury. This lifestyle influencer, dubbed ‘The Money Mastermind,’ is known for his expertise in earning millions from real estate.

Cam was able to secure over two million dollars without owning any real estate properties. In the summer of 2020, during a global pandemic, the entrepreneur found a way to scale in real estate without owning any properties. He did all this work from his phone. 

Cam has always had a passion for travel and luxury, and he saw an open market for making money quickly and efficiently. He leased property in Atlanta’s prestigious Buckhead neighborhood and listed it on Airbnb. It gained a lot of traction and sparked the interest of several travelers. Cam earned over ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in the first month of listing the property on the established platform. This made him quickly realize that this was a scalable opportunity and a chance to achieve financial freedom in real estate without owning any properties. 

Additionally, Cam obtained twenty luxury rental properties in Miami, Florida in less than 60 days and listed them on Airbnb, earning him over seven figures in the real estate business in late 2020. Champagne Cam’s lifestyle is nothing close to average. He flaunts a luxurious lifestyle, featuring exotic cars and lavish vacations on his social media, where he also actively motivates aspiring entrepreneurs to practice his simple business model to strike the goldmine as he did. 

Cam always believed that short-term rentals and vacation rentals were the way to go. He achieved Marriott’s Platinum Elite back in 2011 and realized his passion for traveling. Cam also believes himself to be a ‘figures guy’ and began calculating how much he could potentially earn if he opened a hotel. However, he began to lean towards Airbnb properties and appreciated the atmosphere and how unique and intimate it was.

He also noticed that people were renting properties quickly and decided that this would be his way into the real estate business without actually purchasing properties and gaining capital quickly. 

Cam is a Jack of all trades and has several other successful business ventures. He started an exotic car rental company, Fame Exotics, in 2019 and gained a variety of A-list celebrity clientele. He also teaches financial literacy and is releasing an online course, ‘Airbnb Academy’, where he will teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to earn seven figures in real estate without owning property. He will also teachthem how to do it virtually.

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to do a lot of research and dive right in. His devotion and passion for entrepreneurship stemmed from wanting more for his life, and his ultimate goal was to achieve financial freedom. Cam’s Instagram  not only showcases his elite lifestyle but serves as an inspiration to those who want to live a similar life of luxury.

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