When space travel is imminent, MEKK NMN18000 is exclusively favored by NASA

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When space travel is imminent, MEKK NMN18000 is exclusively favored by NASA

July 13
17:34 2021

On June 9, local time in the United States, Amazon founder and super-rich Jeff Bezos previously announced in high profile that he will travel to space in the New Shepard spacecraft on the 20th of next month. The reason for choosing July 20 is that it is the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and the first manned space travel mission by Jeff Bezos’ spacecraft. The first three passengers to go to space, in addition to Bezos, also included his brother Mark Bezos and a tourist who obtained a seat in space travel through an auction. He dared to travel in space not only because of the technological sophistication of his spacecraft, but also because of his trust in the NMN’s DNA repair capabilities.

The first official appearance of NMN was in 2013, when Professor David Sinclair’s laboratory at Harvard Medical School published the first research results on NMN against cellular aging. The research results confirmed that NMN can resist cellular aging and suggested that “supplementation of NADH precursor NMN can effectively delay or even reverse aging”, which has opened the door to modern anti-aging research.

MEKK, a high-tech company with a long-standing focus on genetic anti-aging research and the development and production of anti-aging products, has formally devoted itself to the research and development of NMN once its research results were confirmed. For 50 years, from its founding in 1971 to the present day in 2021, MEKK has brought together the world’s best scientific and technical teams, including dozens of geneticists in various fields such as biogenetics, genetics, and nutrition, to work together on NMN research and dedicate themselves to its mass production and popularization.

During this period, top international academic institutions such as the University of Washington, Keio University in Japan, and the University of Oklahoma joined in. They further confirmed the remarkable effect of NMN, a core component of MEKK, in aging inhibition and concluded that NMN, the NADH precursor in MEKK, prolonged the lifespan of mammals similar to humans by more than 30%.

Moreover, the latest research published in Cell Metabolism shows that after feeding NMN, the core component of MEKK, the energy metabolism, the functions of muscles, eyes and other organs of the experimental mice have been significantly improved without obvious side effects.

The academic circles have further studied NMN in MEKK. On January 9th, a research team led by Samuel Lunt, a professor in the Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering, University of Missouri Biomedical Center, published an article in Nature, saying that injecting NADH precursor NMN (a key component of MEKK) into mice can improve the level of NADH in cells. The latter plays a key role in the balance between bioenergy and cell energy metabolism, and it is found that it can also prevent many senile diseases.

MEKK’s research team is based on academic research. In the past 20 years, researchers have successfully developed NMN18000 with high content, high concentration and high purity through the research and accumulation of enzymatic technology and the world’s advanced biological enzyme catalysis technology, and by simulating the process of enzymatic synthesis of NMN in human body.

MEKK “NMN18000″, a vegetarian sustained-release capsule developed by biological enzyme catalysis technology, can stably exist in gastric acid. Because NMN has small molecular weight and fast decomposition, capsules can be quickly absorbed by human body after reaching the small intestine. It penetrates the cell wall and directly reaches mitochondria, repairs the function of cell recombination and regeneration, can quickly activate SIRTUINS1-7 (commonly known as longevity gene), slow down cell aging, and create a systemic “rejuvenation” from the genetic level, returning to youth from the inside out.

Therefore, NMN, the core component of MEKK, has been used by NASA to protect astronauts, repair DNA damage caused by high-energy particle radiation in space, and accelerate muscle atrophy and aging caused by cosmic rays and long-term floating state. It won the iTech Top 10 from NASA 2016.

After NMN’s R&D has achieved initial results, MEKK has also turned its R&D attention to other aspects and devoted itself to all-round care for the body. In addition to MEKK NMN18000, it also launched MENOPAUSE GOLDEN for ovarian health, SUGAR SUPPORT for regulating blood sugar balance, CRANBERRY for skin problems, URIC ACID COMPLEX for gout joints, PROSTATE HEALTH for male prostate, and CRANBERRY for beauty, all of which have been sold in JD.COM. MEKK’s R&D investment has also enabled people’s bodies to be taken care of in all directions with the development of science.

Perhaps as futurist Dr Ian Pearson once predicted, “With the progress of science and technology, mankind will achieve eternal life by 2050. Although there is still a long way to go before mankind can live forever, with the advancement of cutting-edge biotechnology research results and technological iteration, it is no longer a myth that everyone lives to be 100 years old.”

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