King Luxe Club: Luxury Car Club Contributing to the Success of Small Businesses

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King Luxe Club: Luxury Car Club Contributing to the Success of Small Businesses

July 12
22:40 2021
King Luxe Club: Luxury Car Club Contributing to the Success of Small Businesses

In every society, some people dream of living luxurious lifestyles that are only possible and affordable for the wealthy class. The pursuit of these individual goals is why clubs are becoming popular by the day. These clubs are there to serve the purpose of bringing people together to celebrate their lifestyles and develop countless friendships and often, business relationships. King Luxe Club provides a platform for exotic and luxurious car enthusiasts to get together and celebrate their lifestyle. Since clubs by nature bring people together, it is clear that the primary aim of Abhi Malhotra, a.k.a. King Am, was to bring like-minded individuals who derive pleasure from luxury cars.

King Luxe Club is a car and lifestyle club founded to cater to people worldwide who have a particular affinity for exotic luxury cars and those looking to enjoy life while simultaneously helping others grow and realize their dreams of living a luxury lifestyle. Although the club initially began operation in New York City, in the last few years, it has hosted several events, charity, fundraisers and car rallies throughout the United States and globally. The club has held rallies and events in cities such as Miami, Vegas, Foxwoods, and in November, the club will host a rally in the United Arab Emirates.

King Luxe Club was founded in 2019 when visionary car collector and leading entrepreneur Abhi Malhotra popularly known as King Am, decided to establish a car and lifestyle club to satisfy his passion for luxury car collections and build a community of like-minded individuals. King Am Malhotra was born in India, raised in Dubai and currently resides in the United States, where he is living his best life. As the son of the owner of an expansive liquor business, he spent a few years working for the family business while silently investing in his passion, which culminated in the establishment of King Luxe Club.

Since its inception, King Luxe Club has cemented its place as the leading car club and in the various car rallies it has hosted to date. It is also considered one of the top concierge services providers, especially for luxury travel and lifestyle in the United States. Aside from its automobile-related endeavors, King Luxe Club is at the forefront of numerous charity programs as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility and giving back to the community. The club is currently funding extensive sponsored marketing to support small businesses, particularly nightclubs and restaurants. And at the same time, engaging in a lot of joy runs with partner Batman for charity and cancer runs.

King Luxe Club doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the membership at the club; regardless of age or gender, anybody can decide to become a member. The most common denominator when it comes to the membership at the club is the “love for exotic and luxury cars.” Membership at King Luxe Club is currently drawn from different social and economic statuses, from stockbrokers to lawyers, entrepreneurs, doctors, etc. Compared to other clubs providing similar services, King Luxe Club shares tips and knowledge about cars, business, investment with its exclusive members. King Am Malhotra describes it as the desire to serve as an inspiration for people to do better in life and enjoy life to the fullest with their family and friends. “We only want to see people grow,”

In a time when the luxury car industry is leaning towards profitability, Abhi Malhotra, a.k.a. King Am, has set up King Luxe Club to make a real difference in the world, as he did not only build a luxury car club that organizes and hosts car rallies, the club is also committed to giving back to its members and the society at large.

For pictures, videos of past events, and learn more about King Luxe Club, follow them on Instagram. KLC FOR LIFE.

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