How England Football Team Lost Euro 2020 Final Against Italy Due to Negative Energies

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How England Football Team Lost Euro 2020 Final Against Italy Due to Negative Energies

July 12
18:18 2021

British Celebrity Hypnotherapist & Sports Motivational Hypnotist Jonathan Royle, aged 45 of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England has revealed that England lost the Euro 2020 final against Italy due largely to negative energies and negative mind powers working against them.

From Fans throwing missiles, breaking bottles, smashing a Burger Kings Window and generally wrecking & thrashing Leicester Square in London to other fans without tickets bombarding their way dishonestly and dangerously into the Wembley Stadium, the amount of negative energy generated was huge.

People booing the other teams National Anthem & booing players who took the knee against racism together with some nutter invading the pitch and streaking during the final all caused massive negative energies & psychological distractions that contributed to England ultimately losing.

Royle explains more about how these negative energies including the dirty tricks played by some Italian Players contributed massively to England Losing on his blog page located here.

He also explains how we should all be congratulating England on getting to the final and for how wonderfully they played during the tournament as sending them our love, appreciation and positive energy will help them refocus and ultimately go forth to perform spectacularly well in the 2022 World Cup.

Further Hypnotist Royle has on his blog page condemned the Racism against players shown following the Euro 2020 Final and pointed out that it is negative energies and negative minded people like that who contributed to England losing.

To help the England Football Players & England Fans overcome their disappointment at last nights defeat, Royle has released a Free Interactive Virtual Hypnotherapy Session on his blog page here which will help remove any negative thoughts, feelings, energies and/or emotions that they may be experiencing.

Throughout the Euro 2020 Tournament Royle has been doing all he can to help England Win and was indeed successful in stopping Uri Geller from helping Scotland to beat England using his and fans mind powers to make it a 0-0 draw rather than a loss to Scotland as Uri Geller was trying to obtain.

Also along the way Royle as proven by timed and dated posts on his various @roylehypnotist social media accounts has corrected predicted the final scores in the majority of England’s matches including last nights, although unfortunately he did not get the winning team correct then.

Shortly after this Royle was delighted to welcome Uri Geller to help the England teams cause, however sadly despite help from Uri, along with help from Psychic Phenomenon Clinton Baptiste who first found fame in Peter Kays’ legendary Phoenix Night’s TV Show and help from Fans around the world it was just not enough due to all the negative energies generated from other channels.

And that is why Royle says it is now more important than ever to be Positive, focus on the England Teams Achievements including the fastest goal ever in such a final in under 2 minutes and the fact that they made to a final after decades of seemingly being cursed.

When we all focus positive energies their way we will have a real chance of winning the 2022 World Cup.

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