Local Sleep Clinic Announces Additional Services in Greensboro, NC

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Local Sleep Clinic Announces Additional Services in Greensboro, NC

July 10
08:22 2021
Local Sleep Clinic Announces Additional Services in Greensboro, NC
Fuller Sleep & TMJ Solutions, Greensboro, NC, announces to the public that they can now offer TMJ and TMD treatments to residents of Greensboro and surrounding areas.

Greensboro, NC – Jul 10, 2021 – Fuller Sleep & TMJ Solutions clinic has recently revealed that their office will offer treatments for temporomandibular joint disorders and treatments for sleep disorders.

When they need Sleep Apnea Greensboro, residents can now combine their need for sleep treatment with their need for jaw pain relief.

Connected Disorders 

The founder of Fuller Sleep & TMJ Solutions, Dr. Fuller, is a trained specialist in Sleep Apnea in Greensboro and has also been a dentist for the past twenty years.  Her experience makes her uniquely qualified to treat these two related disorders.

When a patient is lying down in a bed for sleep, the soft tissues and the back of the tongue can collapse into the airway and obstruct the airflow to their lungs.  This is called obstructive sleep apnea. The usual treatment is to prescribe a CPAP machine that provides positive air pressure into the mouth and nose to keep the patient breathing.  This eliminates the short periods where the patient is getting no oxygen. 

But studies show that patients who have TMJ Greensboro often have sleep apnea also.  When the temporomandibular joint is not lined up correctly, it will not be doing its job of keeping the soft tissues from collapsing at the back of the mouth.

At Fuller Sleep & TMJ Solutions, the doctors can fit the patient with a mouthpiece to wear at night to keep the joint in the correct position and keep the airway open.  

About Fuller Sleep & TMJ Solutions

Dr. Sandra Fuller, DDS, is the founder of Fuller Sleep & TMJ Solutions in Greensboro, NC.  She has been a private practice dentist for over 20 years and is also a sleep specialist.  The innovative treatments offered by this clinic have enabled many people to stop struggling with CPAP machines forever.

Media Contact
Company Name: Fuller Sleep & TMJ Solutions
Contact Person: Ashley, Office Administrator
Email: Send Email
Phone: (336) 279-7207
Address:1515 W Cornwallis Dr Suite 110
City: Greensboro
State: NC
Country: United States
Website: https://fullersleep.com/

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