Speakerize promotes and supports TEDx events

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Speakerize promotes and supports TEDx events

July 10
04:59 2021
Speakerize supports TEDx events to improve the experience of speakers and organisers

July 9, 2021 – TEDx Talks are renowned for being informational, influential, and inspiring to audiences around the world. Yet, organizing a TEDx event isn’t easy and a lot of work goes into carrying out each talk. Speakerize aims to help TEDx organizers with its all-new Free Support service.

Speakerize’s new service assists organizers by providing carefully curated and trained individuals with great ideas to match TEDx event themes. Each speaker is trained through the official TED Masterclass to ensure they meet the high-demands organizers have. Speakerize not only provides TEDx organizers with speakers perfect for their event,  but take the stress out of preparing each show.

TEDx Talks continue to grow in popularity as a myriad of information is shared by experts for free. Most TEDx Talks are free to listen to and view, making the transfer of information to anyone possible. Unfortunately, TEDx organizers face a variety of high demands at each talk. Working alongside the volunteers of TEDx, Speakerize is able to provide high-quality services that transform the event into a must-attend talk.

The company also supports TEDx organizers with one-to-one speaker coaches. Each coach understands TEDx’s unique culture and requirements. This allows speaker coaches to successfully support TEDx speakers. Speakerize’s goal is to continue building strong relationships within the TEDx community to provide a dynamic resource to organizers.

Speakerize currently offers two packages:

  1. Energize kit for Speakers: helping individuals to share their ideas on a TEDx stage and beyond.
  2. Energize kit for Coaches: a package for new and expert speaker coaches who would like to coach ready to step on stage TEDx speakers.

Speakerize will be launching their Energize kit for Organizers soon. This kit would provide full hands-on support to TEDx organizers and other event organisers.

For more information on Speakerize or to sign up for these kits, please visit the company’s official website.

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