Australian Entrepreneur Dan Smith on how he became successful through Dropshipping

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Australian Entrepreneur Dan Smith on how he became successful through Dropshipping

July 10
03:56 2021
Australian Entrepreneur Dan Smith on how he became successful through Dropshipping

Dan Smith is a 21-years old entrepreneur based in Gold Coast, Australia. He has opened multiple E-commerce Dropshipping stores including the clothing store that has hit heights of $120,000USD a month. He has turned his passion into his work. Now, he teaches courses and mentorship programs on the subject. He aims to change the lives of the global community by helping people establish successful brands that would make a difference.

The visionary entrepreneur wanted to explore the business world since he was 18. His brother would always talk business sense into him. He knew he would never fit into the 9-5 job category, so he left his hometown Victoria, along with his partner, with aspirations to achieve something bigger and better.

After completing his education, he tried his hand at networking marketing. But he quickly realized that he didn’t enjoy the field of work. It didn’t match his interests or passion. He even looked into Amazon FBA but it still didn’t strike the spark within him. It was only when he came across a Dropshipping advertisement through Instagram that he got into the real deal business.

Since then, Dan and E-Commerce Dropshipping have been inseparable. The wealthy business has given him the resources to create the dream life that he always imagined. From starting multiple Dropshipping stores to having multiple students in Dropshipping courses and programs, there have been countless days of success for him as well as his students.

During the initial store setups, he did face some setbacks. Over a year, Dan has helped in building successful brands that have become customer favorites. He has successfully sold sustainable products, baby products, clothing products, and even the most viral ones. He continues to witness countless days where his business hit from $5000 to $11,000 on an average day. He has stores where he even has scaled up to 5 figures in less than a week.

Dan wants more and more people to become financially stable and independent. This motivated him to start some intriguing courses and mentorship programs.

His great mentoring skills along with impactful product, marketing, website design, and advertising tips have helped his students gain success. He has also recorded live screen documentation along with a case study on how he went from $0 to $50,000 sales in 30 days. While numerous students have hit $1000 days, multiple students have made $100,000 a month. One of his students has also gone up to make $44,000 in a single day.This student has definitely set a milestone for his other students.

E-Commerce Dropshipping has certainly opened the door for great opportunities in Dan’s case. His goal is to create more significant and long-term brands to change the lives of the global community. He is determined to help people shift from the boring 9-5 job to esteemed brand owners in the future.

About Dan Smith:

Dan Smith is a young Entrepreneur based in Gold Coast, Australia. He runs a successful Dropshipping business that makes him a good fortune. He also runs courses and mentorship programs to help young people make it big in the world of business. With his incredible knowledge and skills, he aims to create young entrepreneurs, businesses, and brands that would make a positive impact on the lives of the global community.

Check him out on Instagram to learn more about him.

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