ITourTranslator can translate phone calls, video calls and Messenger calls

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ITourTranslator can translate phone calls, video calls and Messenger calls

July 10
01:15 2021

Language barrier has always been a big problem for people who speak different languages. There are many translation apps trying to solve this problem, however, the language obstacles to people’s remote communication has not yet been well resolved. It is impossible for a person to make a phone call to another one who speaks a different language that he totally does not understand. But iTourTranslator, which has various functions such as phone call translation, video call translation, conference translation, etc., has pushed way the barrier and made it a past story.


When using iTourTranslator, the caller only need to know the phone number of the recipient, whose phone can be a mobile phone or a landline phone and the receiver, who doesn’t need to download the app, just pick up the phone and answer it. When the caller speaks Spanish, the receiver will hear English and when the receiver answer in English, it will be translated to Spanish. iTourTranslator supports dozens of languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Portuguese, Catalan and Thai.  

Click the link for the demo video:

People can also use iTourTranslator to translate WhatsApp voice call. The Caller sends a link to his or her friend on social platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram or Wechat. When the receiver clicks the link in WhatsApp, the voice call or video call can be made, and the call will be translated in real time. The receiver does not need to download iTourTranslator, nor need to register it, which is very convenient.

People can also use iTourTranslator to have a meeting, and the voice in the meeting will be translated in real time. The function of the meeting in iTourTranslator is similar to that of Zoom. Considering that many users like to use Zoom or Teams for meetings, iTourTranslator has developed a real-time translation function. When users use software such as Zoom or Teams during a meeting, by turning on the real-time translation function in iTourTranslator app, the speech in the meeting will be translated into bilingual subtitles in real time.

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