Assured iCloud Account Safety and Privacy with a Free VPN Service

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Assured iCloud Account Safety and Privacy with a Free VPN Service

July 09
20:49 2021

One of the most convenient ways to store files is via iCloud powered by Apple Inc. This cloud storage has been popular among college students and young professionals as it is very handy. All the Apple user has to do is sign in through Apple ID then one can sync files from an Apple device.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, cloud storages like iCloud have been so useful because of the online learning or work-from-home setup. Students and professionals can keep track of different school and office files without the mini hassle of other hardware like flash drives and hard drives.

However, although proven favorable for Apple users, iCloud has been a subject of perusal because of the cyberhackers. Even the biggest public figures’ iCloud accounts have become gambits of these threats. But since several people have been using this software for so long, it could be uneasy to persuade these users to find other alternatives.

Good thing, there is a basic resolution to this issue; and that is by connecting to a Virtual Private Network or a VPN.

A Foreword to VPN

VPN is a software tool that helps internet users circumvent third parties roaming around cyberspace. What the VPN does is organize a secure connection between the internet and the user’s device.

As a result, the user’s IP address will be hidden so that the user’s data and activities won’t get past anyone, especially by breachers and hackers.

Although, a user must choose a high-quality VPN to make sure that it will work in providing a layer of cybersecurity. For those who are newbies or unfamiliar with VPN technology, it can get quite overwhelming in selecting a VPN service as there are plenty of it available in the virtual market.

One can pick a paid VPN app as this type of VPN provides premium VPN services, but oftentimes, these VPNs can come off as pricey. Another type of a VPN is a free VPN service which is suitable for those who are not willing to shell out some cash for a VPN app.

Users just have to be more careful in selecting a free VPN as there are a lot of sketchy ones, plus, there have been claims from tech savvys that some of the free VPNs sell users’ data to third parties.

Fortunately, there is a free VPN service available for iCloud users that ensures account safety and privacy, and that is GoingVPN.

Introducing the top free VPN app for iCloud users

GoingVPN is a free VPN service that assures a tight encryption to users’ data. With a GoingVPN app, users will have a premium online privacy that everyone deserves. 

Also, this free VPN service offers unlimited data bandwidth or no data expiration feature. So, as long as the GoingVPN switch is ‘on,’ the user will be protected from the dangers that stray on the web. 

Not to mention, GoingVPN has a built-in lightning speed technology to avoid any kind of poor device performance such as lags and buffers, especially when syncing heavy-loaded files on iCloud.

The best thing is, GoingVPN cares about user’s cybersecurity and makes it the utmost priority. GoingVPN does not record nor sell users’ data to anyone. So, for those who have an iCloud account, GoingVPN is entirely safe to connect to.

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