Kierra Blunt Empowers Wealth Through Financial Literacy With Her Brand LOOsing to Win Again, LLC

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Kierra Blunt Empowers Wealth Through Financial Literacy With Her Brand LOOsing to Win Again, LLC

July 09
02:38 2021

LOOsing to Win Again, LLC (Loosing to Win Again) is focused on helping people who have lost assets, made past mistakes on their credit profile and would like to regain and win again. Founded by Kierra Blunt, a Black woman entrepreneur, Loosing to Win Again utilizes her 10 years plus of financial experience and her gained confidence in transition in the Entrepreneur world. She was consecutively awarded for being the top performing banker in the Southern Region.

Designed to focus on Credit Repair for individuals, the Loosing to Win Again system compliments its consumer programs with education in Financial Literacy. Beginning with helping the individual consumer maximize their credit score and better manage their financial portfolio moving forward to become homeowners and more. Loosing to Win Again and affiliate program, can help with bankruptcies, evictions, late payments, foreclosures, public records, judgements, and other liabilities that effect credit scores and puts individuals in a losing financial pattern. Many bad credit scores preventing people from receiving favorable rates are caused by overdue medical bills, past due student loans and tax liabilities. When the current pandemic relief programs end, financial experts foresee a surge in collection filings, eviction along with foreclosure notices.

Many programs that put temporary halts to things that effect individual credit scores are set to expire. For those who were already burdened by low credit scores along with those who are facing the prospect of a negative impact on their credit rating, Loosing to Win Again are experts at protecting for financial health. Along with a proven method to tackle credit repair, Loosing to Win Again provides consumers with a financial literacy program which provides the education necessary to achieve building generational wealth and breaking from generational financial barriers.  

After 15 years as a professional dancer who performed for gospel legend, such as Dr. Bobby Jones, as well as the opportunity to perform for the likes of George Faison, the choreographer of The Wiz, Ms. Blunt changed directions for a career in the financial world. She is a Proud alumni of HBCU’s Alabama State University as well as currently aspiring to complete a dual master’s degree from Georgia State University.

Before beginning her financial services career in the banking industry as a Financial Consultant, Kierra Blunt, a native of St. Louis, MO, Performer in the Arts, Dance Educator, Model, Coach, Mentor to the Youth, as well as a Public Speaker.  With the mindset of being a student; Ms. Blunt always had a heart of giving back to her community by participating in events exposing her talent in dance and her joy in sharing ways to achieve financial freedom. 

In 2015 Ms. Blunt relocated to Atlanta, GA where she began working for nonprofits to teach dance for their upcoming programs. She visited schools throughout the Cobb County, GA community to teach children to save and budget. During the pandemic, via virtual experience, she expanded her instructional sessions to students all over, sharing the importance of Financial Literacy. 

As she currently works to fulfilling her mission with the founding of Loosing to Win Again and ancillary programs at and, Ms. Blunt describes her current mission statement as, “To Encourage, Embrace, Empower & to Educate. My goal through my company and services is to break generational barriers by bringing Financial Literacy back into the homes, into the schools, colleges, and businesses around local communities all over the US. Thus far, we’ve achieved creating countless of new homeowners. Altogether, we have achieved removing over a million derogatory items from our clients Credit Reports. We are rapidly growing, and we want to continue to expand, so we offer opportunities for people to earn additional income along with benefits that will assist them on their journey towards financial freedom. If someone is looking for additional income or would like to change their career path, we have solutions for them. 

“Bringing financial conversations back into the homes and making it a fun experience, is where we can start to create change in more ways than one. From bringing us closer as families, to bringing back educating programs into what we need to achieve financial freedom.“

Ms. Blunts affiliating program with her Loosing to Win Again parent company, directly participates in their Youth Financial Literacy Program that offers a course that can be implemented for children to complete at home with their families or they connect at their school entitled, Money Milestones for Kids along with other benefits. This course is designed to make having the conversation with children about money, savings, budgeting and building wealth a journey of fun. 

Those needing immediate guidance with a financial goal of wanting to become a homeowner, to be debt free and are in need of assistance in areas such as Credit Repair for items such as, but not limited to Medical Bills, Late Payments, other Collections, Eviction, Repossessions, Bankruptcy, Student Loans; and other emergencies on better managing your financial portfolio are urged to contact Ms. Blunt at the Loosing to Win Again Instagram page.

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