French Security Guard turned #1 French Sales Top Producer in the self development industry and How Taking Action Transformed His Life

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French Security Guard turned #1 French Sales Top Producer in the self development industry and How Taking Action Transformed His Life

July 09
02:20 2021

2 years ago, Angelo D’Acunto was working as a security guard in a hospital trying to make ends meet. When opportunity presented itself to him though, he took action as is now the #1 Top producer in sales in the self development industry.

The results of his transformation lead him to earn the money he made as a security guard for a year into just earning it in a day. To further develop his skills, he joined Sales Sniper and is now closing more and more premium clients. We were able to speak with Angelo and learned about his journey and how he has helped other entrepreneurs become financially free.

From being a security guard to becoming the number one producer of business courses in France, what happened there in between? How did you transition from where you were before to where you are now?

“Yeah, it’s a really good question because inside I knew… I was born to do great things and I just started on Facebook to give some advice on sports betting. And I started to create a community about ice hockey because it was my favorite sport. It is still my favorite sport. So I built a community.

I also had a friend who has a Barber shop and I helped him with [setting up] Google My Business, and [with] digital marketing. And he gave me 200 euros for that. And I was like, Oh, I’m a consultant now. On that day, I realized that I could get paid for my knowledge.


“So I searched consulting on Facebook and Google and I found Sam Ovens. I joined his group. But I was not so into the consultancy thing and someone spoke about high ticket closing and I was hooked. Really. I was hooked because it’s easy. You are just paid for commissions, you find someone who has a program and you sell it. You don’t have to worry about the marketing and the delivery.” 

“And I was interested in coaching and when I say coaching, I mean transformation, helping someone to be a better version. [When] I got my first gig, I was still an employee working from 4PM until midnight as a security agent.”

What are the courses that you produce right now? What are the things that you do right now?

“Okay. I was lucky enough to find, early in my career, the best in my country. No, it’s not my country, but it’s French-Canadian or the best in my language.”

“I was able to produce around 250,000 in sales (USD) a month. And it’s for coaching. It’s business coaching for coaches. So it’s like helping them to get the right message, the right marketing, attracting clients and to close more sales. So I am helping them to overcome the imposter syndrome, how to get the right mindset, and how to be able to help the family. So it’s all about transformation. And I love it.”

Why have you chosen to do this? By the way, what was your inspiration to do this?

“Because I come from a long way in my personal story, and I want to prove people that everything is possible. And why am I saying this? Let me share a bit of my story, because if you want to understand what I do, You have to understand where I come from.”

“I’m 36, and I lost my mom when she was 36. I lost my dad when he was 38. So now. I’m so young. I feel so young, powerful. I want to prove to people that anyone can achieve anything because well… I am a living proof. I am just here on the call with them, strong like a lighthouse, with love but also with the ferocity to sell them their possibilities without buying their limits. That’s my duty.”

What has been your experience so far? What were the challenges that you went through in this journey?


“I remember that moment when for the first time in my life, I invested in my education… It was a 3000$ program and I was earning 1400€ per month. That exact day, I just didn’t pay for my education, I allowed myself to bet on myself, and to start taking my place… I prefer having regrets over having remorses, and also, how can I empower people on the phone to take actions on their dream life, if I am too scared to do it?” 

“And now it’s funny, because this coach I invested with is someone I am working with now.”

“Also I remember another story because I was working for a coach and I was still an employee. I remember that day because my wife took the last 50 euros we had under the mattress. The last 50 euros to buy a jacket for our daughter. And that morning I remember because it was 9 AM. She took the last 50 euros. And two hours later, I closed my first 42K coaching package and it gave me a Commission of 5,250 euros in one call.” 

“I closed my laptop and I cried. I cried because of… all the emotions collapsed. You see, it gave me the proof that I was waiting for. I was meant for that.” 

Who is your inspiration in life?

“My big WHY is obviously my family, when life hits you like this, you know that rainbows come after the rain. My wife is the pillar who helps the family and me, I just focus on what I do. I couldn’t achieve what I do now if she wasn’t there, because, besides taking care of everything, she is coaching me about how to keep my feet in the ground because sometimes, I lose my focus. You know, behind every great man.”

What were the important lessons that you learned in this journey? What are your next goals?

“That’s a really good question because right now, I am bringing home a lot of money so I am financially free and I don’t know how much I need because I don’t spend a lot. I just pay myself like a monthly income and I put everything aside for buying a house soon, maybe this year or maybe next year. The plan is to be the face of transformational selling (it’s from me) in my country and why not, around the world?” 

“My English is average but I want to also prove that I can change lives in another language. This is why I joined Sales Sniper, this is why I am taking calls in another language. This is why I am changing lives in English. I also want to prove to people that you are your own limitations.”

“I hope that sharing my story can change one life, and one life after one life, I fulfill my mission.”

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