Inteligex Levels the Field for Private Traders

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Inteligex Levels the Field for Private Traders

July 09
01:58 2021
Ground breaking technology, now available for Day Traders, provides clear Trade Signals and Indicators along with a simple process to profit from High Probability Trades.

Individual Day Traders have long been the poor relations in the trading world. While big banks and hedge funds have spent tens of millions of dollars on algo trading systems and analysts, the Day Trader was left hunting on YouTube and hoping to learn how to trade like a professional.

Historically only big organisations could afford the software and systems required to run math models and algorithms to make money from the markets. This meant that Wall Street had a clear advantage over the average Joe.

How so? Well, trading is a zero sum game. One person wins and another loses. And the stats can be quite scary. Up to 90% of private Day Traders lose money, whilst big institutions pretty much always make money trading. Why? Because they have tools the little guy couldn’t afford, until now.

Inteligex is leveling the playing field for private traders. Helping the little guy to trade like the professionals. Inteligex uses advanced analytical techniques to make complex things simple.

Under the hood the Inteligex trading system uses sophisticated math techniques to build financial models normally only found on Wall Street. Inteligex then presents the outcomes of these in a really simple way. This gives private traders access to capabilities that previously only the big guys had.

By using colour coded Signals and Indicators, Private Day Traders are given an edge that they need to be winners in the markets. Great trading tools though is only half the story.

Learning how to trade is a skill. Most private traders forget this and think it’s easy. It isn’t. Banks don’t just let new traders run wild with a pile of money. They train them intensively because the future profits of the bank are at stake. They run a boot camp, the good traders succeed and the bad traders are let go.

Inteligex provides an edge to Day Traders. It uses up to the minute technology along with sophisticated mathematical modelling to identify trade entry points and predict where the market is looking to get to and how likely it is to get there.

Just like boot camp, it is a process. In fact it’s just a 5 step process to deliver trading success to both new and more experienced traders. 5 steps that build great Traders.

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