How did José Luis Galindo Sosa turn Verimax into the best place in Mexico to check one’s car?

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How did José Luis Galindo Sosa turn Verimax into the best place in Mexico to check one’s car?

October 21
19:36 2022
Discover the story of how a couple of Mexican entrepreneurs managed to run from scratch the most complete company in vehicle verification in Mexico

Distrito Federal, Mexico – October 21, 2022 – It was the year 2006 and in the state of Veracruz, where the businessman is from, there was a boom in construction and works in the government of Fidel Herrera Beltran as never seen before, however, there was a shortage of so-called dump trucks and Jose Luis saw a business opportunity there: to provide these vehicles to independent builders. So he learned about the process of importing these trucks and later added 14 cubic meter dump boxes that he bought in the city of Alchichica Veracruz, the business was going very well but these modified tractor-trailers have a high market value due to their characteristics which often made buyers offer automobiles, So it was also necessary to sell these cars they had to be checked thoroughly, from the paperwork (invoices, tenure, fines, etc.) to the serial number and other information. At that moment José Luis Galindo Sosa realized how many problems the purchase or sale of a car could cause, since one out of every two had a problem and in those years there was not even the possibility to “check” the cars somewhere and be 100% sure that these cars were in order.

After several years in which Jose Luis along with his wife Luz Elena Montoya Madrigal, examined the options to think of a comprehensive system to perform this vehicle check, they could only dedicate little time (due to the social media marketing company they manage) and were putting the pieces together little by little to create the system they called VERIMAX, but it was not until 2019 that they could devote themselves fully to the project, changing, renewing, using new ideas and technologies until they finally completed the first phase of the product and did something that no one had done before, that users could make their queries through the free whatsapp application, thus avoiding downloading another application and not “spend” data to do so, besides that 95% of Mexicans who have a smartphone use that application.

José Luis told us that indeed, there are other services, applications and websites where you can know these and other data, but none collects as much information in one place as the platform they manage and much less with the ease of doing it in the whatsapp application, the user, when making the query receives a PDF file both in that application and in the registered mail, this report has multiple security features, the system they designed has two versions a free one that shows essential data of the vehicle consulted and another, which will soon offer: A paid version that will contain all available data of each unit circulating in Mexico, among other things: customs petitions, if the unit is imported or domestic, if it has debts with governments or financial institutions, pawnshops or reports of citizens who have been scammed in the process of buying and selling including new and pre-owned car agencies, all this with security chains and reports 100% verifiable on the platform’s website.

After only six months of activities, the platform has made more than 11,500 reports and has more than 7,000 users, many of them recurrent. The effort they made to make this platform includes artificial intelligence and complicated algorithms to discover duplicity in license plates, vehicle intervention in crimes, and many other features that will not be available to the general public. They are currently working on an exclusive version for national law enforcement and a version for US intelligence agencies.

It is a pleasure to see how Mexican entrepreneurs are betting on technological development in the country without any government support, as they said “we just want the government to provide facilities to develop the ideas that many Mexicans have, to streamline procedures and eliminate regulations that are already obsolete and anachronistic”.

You can visit the site where you can make the consultation at no cost or add the number 5622030057 to WhatsApp and from there try this.

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