HungryPanda Releases 2022 Best Authentic Overseas Chinese Restaurant Guide

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HungryPanda Releases 2022 Best Authentic Overseas Chinese Restaurant Guide

October 20
07:25 2022



On October 15th, 2022, the world-leading Asian food and grocery delivery platform HungryPanda formally launched its 2022 Best Authentic Overseas Chinese Restaurant Guide, with the purpose of discovering the most authentic Chinese cuisine and restaurants worldwide. 269 restaurants have been awarded across eight countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand.

This year, over 60,000 Chinese restaurants were invited for consideration in the selection. In early September 2022, HungryPanda finished a preliminary screening and nominated over 500 restaurants to compete in the final stage.

Judging is based on the Chinese taste standard of food as the focus with an evaluation of multi-dimensional aspects such as the taste, the restaurant dining environment, the beauty of dishes, and the freshness of ingredients. Additionally, customer feedback on food quality from the HungryPanda app is also included in the selection criteria, supplemented by judges invited including famed master chefs, renowned gourmets, culinary experts, promoters of culinary culture, etc.

“After summarizing the experience of the first year of the authentic Chinese restaurant award, we improved the event and made the criteria more stringent, said Kitty LU, PR Director of HungryPanda. The restaurants selected are the top choices for local Chinese food. Overseas Chinese food has always lacked reviews from Chinese people, whether on Google reviews or TripAdvisor, it’s all local reviews and you can’t tell if it meets the standards of Chinese pallets, LU added. Our list is a complete reference to the tastes of Chinese people in different countries, bringing our users an accurate guide to overseas Chinese food.

Built on a robust platform centered on “food”, the Best Authentic Overseas Chinese Restaurant Guide provides a deeper understanding of China’s diners, restaurants, and global cuisine sector. After a year of improvements, the 2022 award offers a more remarkable ability to seek out Chinese cuisines in international markets.

HungryPanda is not only committed to enhancing the influence of the overseas Chinese food culture, in addition to the industrial development of the cuisine sector by utilizing digital technology to improve a better eating and living environment.

Full list:

(Birmingham, United Kingdom) Hot 7 Sichuan Hot Pot, Mr. Egg, Pepper Chef, JinLi, Pinchuan, Wu Shuang Café

(London, United Kingdom) Chinese Tapas House, Sichuan Grand, Sichuan House, Café TPT, Feng Wei Shi Tang, Haidilao, Happy Lemon, KOVA Patisserie, Lido, Liangji Wraps, Mi Canteen, Mu Yang Ren, Old Town 97, Shu La La, Master Wei Xi’an Cuisine, Meet Fresh, Taste of China

(Manchester, United Kingdom) Dr Miao, Red Chilli, Spicy& Tasty Chinese Restaurant, Jin Ji Chinese Restaurant, Happy Lemon, Napoleon Restaurant, SweetTalk, Tai Wu, Star Chef

(Sheffield, United Kingdom) Pepper Greenhouse, Chinese Kitchen, JIANGTEA, No·1 Grill, China Red, Noodle Chuanchuan, PBZ, Little Snack Bar, Chinatown Restaurant

(Paris, France) L’Optimum, MaisonDeChengdu, Hao Hao, SUCREPICE, PHOENIX, SaJiao, Mongkok Resto, Xiaolongkan, RestoDesAmis, Les Trois Royaumes

(Milan, Italy) LAANKEE, MARUJI, Impressione Chongqing

(Auckland, New Zealand) 1982 Rice Noodles, Goldfish Kitchen, Biang Biang City, Teaser, Gui Rice Noodle, Potstickers, Maya BBQ, Me & Chef, Tea Talk, Sheng Kee, Mr Charcoal, 108 tastes

(Toronto, Canada) 19eatery, NianYiKuaiZi, Mr Fish – North York, Good Taste Casserole Rice, Tianjin Auntie’s Steamed Bun, Mr Fish

(Waterloo, Canada) The China Bowl

(Montreal, Canada) Chez Maman Lee, Wok Café

(Vancouver, Canada) 99 BBQ, Corner 23, SunTea, Szechuan Delicious Restaurant, Hotpot Palace

(Winnipeg, Canada) Glory Dim Sum, Asia Palace, Gol’s Lanzhou Noodle

(Edmonton, Canada) Heeretea Dongxi Tea, South Silk Road Chinese restaurant

(Hamilton, Canada) Szechuan Noodle Bowl

(Mississauga, Canada) Red Lotus Restaurant

(Boston, United States) Dolphin Bay, Six Po Hot Pot, Potluck Café, Xiang’s Hunan Kitchen, Meet Fresh, Hong Kong Eatery, Mala Restaurant

(Brooklyn, United States) 98K Hamburger, Nai Brother, Shaxian Snacks 60th St, Xia Chao Malatan, Yozi Spicy Bai Chuan, Moge Tee

(Queens, United States) 98K Hamburger Flushing, Tsaocaa, Mala Siblings, Silky Kitchen, Nai Brother, Hey Kitchen, Red Noodle House, Friendship BBQ Flushing, Moon Flower House Flushing, Zhang Liang Spicy Hot Pot

(Manhattan, United States) Dunhuang Grand Central, Uluh, Ming Wong Restaurant, Taiwan Pork Chop House, Yin Ji Chang Fen, Zhang Liang Spicy Hot Pot, Congee Village Flushing

(Jersey City, United States) East Flour, Jiangnan Fusion, Taste of North China, the Old Spot, Chef Tan JC

(Davis, United States) Cajun Feast, Chengdu Style, Hunan Bar & Restaurant, Hunan Style, Sesame, Shanghai Town

(Irvine, United States) Baiwei Restaurant, Chef Chuan, Teazzi Tea, Northeast Sisters, Feast Cat, Liu Roast Fish, Paradise Dynasty, Le Shrimp Ramen, Spicy Boiling Pot, Min Chef, Fast Hotpot, Shancheng Lameizi Hot Pot, Little Pan-Fried Bun, He’s noodle zone, Tai Chi Cuisine, Tang Du Restaurant, Beijing Noodle House, Hothot &, Show Hotpot, Northern Café, Yomie Yogurt

(Los Angeles, United States) Zero Point Five, 37.2 Degree Tea & Curry, Bonanza Bakery & Café, Hot Spicy Pot, Dong Ting Chun, Xin Wang Food Inc., Tea by the Sea, Chicken and Frog Hot Pot, Yummy Cuisine, Liu Roast Fish, Mr Breakfast, Lu Yixian, LUYU Dumplings, Motto Tea Café, 3Catea – San Gabriel, 3Catea – Rowland Hts, ACE Burger, Yifang, Noodle Art, Spicy Impression, Yu Cake, Joyness Meat Processing Co.

(San Diego, United States) Bei Yuan Tea & Boba, BenGong’s Tea, DaYung’s Tea, Haidilao, Krispy Krunchy Chicken, ChaCha Tea Spot, Village Kitchen, Happy Lemon, Spot, Shan Xi Magic Kitchen, Sizzling Pot King, Hui Lau Shan, Yipbee Tea House, Eastern Dynasty

(San Jose, United States) Taotao Tea, AceKing, Baby Cafe Hong Kong Bistros, Beijing Chef, Goldhill Bistro, JX Cuisine, Sichuan Fusion, Chuan Yu (Sakura Bistro), H&E BBQ, Chick & Tea, Da Mao Xie, Fan Bistro, Hibiscus Tree, Hometown Kitchen, Hot Pot Nation, Hon’s Wun Tun House, Local Café Fremont, Chef Liu, Thousand Tasty, Asian Pearl Seafood Restaurant, Sizzling Lunch, Sun Maxim’s, Saigon Seafood Harbor, Hankow Cuisine, Aberdeen Café, Kaoru Sushi, Shooting Star Café, Yin Ji Chang Fen, Yomie Yogurt – Ocean Ave, Newark Café, Homi Japanese Ramen

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