Renowned Real Estate Investment Firm SuGo Capital Introduces “Cash Flow Fund”

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Renowned Real Estate Investment Firm SuGo Capital Introduces “Cash Flow Fund”

October 20
09:27 2022
Renowned Real Estate Investment Firm SuGo Capital Introduces "Cash Flow Fund"

SuGo Capital is one of the top-performing real estate investment fund management firms. Founded and spearheaded by real estate investment expert Sarah Sullivan, the company has built a pristine reputation in the industry for consistently delivering promising returns for its clients. Launched in 2019, the company has been blazing a trail in the real estate investment industry with even bigger plans ahead. 

SuGo Capital was established with the hopes of providing investors with returns that consistently outperform the stock market. As the brainchild of real estate investment expert and UC Davis MBA holder Sarah Sullivan, SuGo Capital has constantly stayed true to the brand’s promise by focusing on deal quality and the company’s value-add capability. 

The company’s strategies propelled the firm even further, giving SuGo Capital over $336 million in assets under management. Having completed 19 successful syndications and one previous fund, the company successfully racked up average annual returns of 33%, a figure that has greatly benefited investors and allowed the company to scale its offerings.

Currently, existing investment options have become far too unstable and volatile. SuGo Capital founder Sarah Sullivan often felt dissatisfied with the market’s existing options and quickly fell in love with real estate. “Real estate is a unique asset class with a clear risk-return profile that can often improve existing investment portfolio performance. It is tangible. Real estate investment creates jobs and opportunities, and it can improve the quality of life in communities,” explained Sarah.

As an investment, real estate has become an incredibly lucrative option for savvy investors. By itself, real estate can provide cash flow, tax benefits, equity building, competitive risk-adjusted returns, and an inflation hedge. In addition to that, real estate investment generally improves portfolio performance by reducing volatility through noncorrelation.

Over the last 12 months, SuGo Capital has raised $40 million from retail investors for direct syndications. Taking steps further, the company has announced its latest $50 million fund offering that is geared towards creating value and stability for investors who are in retirement and those who are hoping to retire. 

The new investment fund, dubbed the “Cash Flow Fund,” is a 506c offering for accredited investors that presents 13% preferred returns with an extremely low barrier to entry of $500,000 at minimum. Since the company’s inception, SuGo Capital has cultivated an incredibly strong track record of excellence and integrity with its partners and investors. The company’s growth and average annual returns are a testament to its outstanding reputation.

Investments are always made with regard to the future. Whether it be for an investor’s own or for others, SuGo Capital has supported its clients without fail. The company has built a name for itself by investing in portfolio stability and always aiming to outperform the stock market without confronting unnecessary risks. 

Year after year, Sarah Sullivan and her team at SuGo Capital have delivered high performance, integrity and consistency. As a result, the company has firmly planted itself as a proper fit for absolute return strategies, paving the way for the longstanding success of its many esteemed clients.

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