Ergonomists Look at Risks of Cobots and Robots at Industrial Facilities Using Evidence-based Epidemiology

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Ergonomists Look at Risks of Cobots and Robots at Industrial Facilities Using Evidence-based Epidemiology

August 17
08:42 2020
Ergonomists Look at Risks of Cobots and Robots at Industrial Facilities Using Evidence-based Epidemiology

During a recent Thomas Industry Update Podcast episode with guests Mark Heidebrecht and Sam Bradbury of Ergonomics International, they discussed how ergonomics play a massive role in the workplace, particularly in industrial facilities. Although the term “ergonomics” is usually assumed to be exclusively physical, Bradbury and Heidebrecht explained that the science behind it is much bigger; it explores physical safety and addresses concerns surrounding internal culture and how it can play a role in safety in the workplace.

Bradbury sees industry moving toward the adoption and integration of workers, robots, and cobots. Ergonomics International steps in with hard data that can tell industry leaders exactly how much risk can be predicted by bringing robots and cobots into their facilities. The duo developed their software to draw from evidence-based epidemiology research and quantify risk factors.

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About Ergonomics International

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) professionals have been turning to the leaders of Ergonomics International each of whom has more than twenty years’ experience working from forensic investigation to factory floors. Ergonomics International focuses on designing and implementing tools that are evidence-based. Mark Heidebrecht (MSE, ACSM-EP, CPE/CHFP) and Sam Bradbury (MAOM, ATC, ACSM-EP, CPE/CHFP) built one of the largest ergonomic libraries globally, including one of the largest occupational epidemiology datasets to make the most informed decisions.

In addition to one of the largest data libraries, the company utilizes a statistical epidemiologist and assembled peer-reviewed studies focused on ensuring the latest and best answers to ergonomic and human factors impacting the challenges that companies face.

EHS leaders now have affordable access to one of the most powerful software tools for companies to reduce musculoskeletal injury risk. This mobile compatible software tool provides the best information to help management quantify and mitigate risk.

Ergonomics International’s Evidence‐Based Risk Analysis Software Suite utilizes standardized tools which have high validity and reliability. These tools provide management with real-time data to make evidence‐based decisions, yet data is simple enough for ergonomic, safety, occupational health, Lean Manufacturing, and Six-Sigma professionals to understand and apply.  Dashboards are customizable providing the most valuable information at each level of the enterprise. Leading indicators allow users to get ahead of injuries and focus on prevention with the use of cost-effective tools.

Mobile analysis tools include:

EPDA™ (Employee Perceived Exertion Analysis)

Z‐EBRA™ (Proprietary Evidence-Based Risk Analysis)

NERPA – (Novel Ergonomic Postural Assessment)

Cumulative Lifting Analysis

ISO-based Ergonomic Analysis

Manual Material Handling Guidelines

NIOSH Lifting Equation (The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

ACGIH Hand Threshold Limit Value

The mobile compatible SaaS (Software as a Service) solution accurately documents and reports risks in real-time. Mobile compatibility eliminates traditional methods of dual entry that create lags in data analysis and potential introduction of errors. For more information call (913) 488-3127 and follow on Twitter @ErgonomicsIntl.

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