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“Climate Change House” A Book By David Phillips

Through 2022, the home has to defend us against heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, severe rain, and flooding. But our accommodations were simply inadequate. It did not protect them from the record

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New Massage Gun Competitor Enters the Scene in NZ

A NZ massage gun company Musclegun has entered the scene with a direct to consumer online pricing model. Their new massage gun features a sleek aluminum design that is built

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Upstate Home Offers Expands Into All South Carolina Markets Enabling Homeowners To Sell Their Homes Fast and Efficiently

Upstate Home Offers announces an expansion into all South Carolina markets. Upstate Home Offers has provided access to quick and easy home sales throughout neighboring markets and due to customer

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Ahmie E. Baum, CEO & Founder of Interchange Capital Partners, Discussing Exit Planning for Business Owners, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Ahmie Baum discusses his company’s deep experience with business owners looking to plan for the inevitable: an exit strategy for their company. Listen to the interview on the Business Innovators

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Matthew Collett, Branch Manager with Nations Lending, Interviewed on the Colorado Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Matthew Collett discusses the differences between traditional and short-term investment rental models for borrowing money for a mortgage. Listen to

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UK’s biggest urban social media page, ITSALLMAAD, shares a blueprint for individual and brand success on social media.

ItsAllMaad is a social media page on Instagram with 2.2 million followers that shares viral content and news. The brand

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A World First – Cape Town Ring just launched

Say “I DO” to Cape Town – the only city in the world with its own dedicated ring. Representing the

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How Faith Christiansen Went From 6-Figure Earner to Homeless to Amazon Best-Selling Author and Successful Business Owner

Faith rose from the ashes after leaving domestic abuse and violence in an economic crisis tocreate a movement that teaches

Read Full Article launched in a bid to demystify the M&A space for MSP business owners

From MSP M&A articles to exit interviews, leads the way in bringing advice from MSP owners & vendors, some

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Mouldking Blocks Has Made It Easier For People To Enjoy Brick Toys By Selling A More Affordable Alternative

Mould king makes and sells high-quality building blocks which are inspired by various original block toy sets and are just

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